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DX231A Precision Double Winder
Product Details
Machine Type

DX231A Precision Double Winder

Model Number

Type I

Spindle gauge


Process material

Various types of staple/chemical fiber twisting

Operating mode


Per-section spindles

4 Spindles

Per-unit section numbers

≤12 Section

Yarn count range

Short Fiber 10Ne~80Ne

Winding speed


Winding bobbin size

Customer Specified

Winding weight


Winding weight

40 Spindles

Overall size



1. This machine is a special yarn doubling machine developed by our company for the short-risk G series. It comes with a creel for easy operation.

2. The forming mode adopts electronic integrated control, which is easy to adjust and has our company's unique high-density yarn combination program. Its density can reach 0.00055~0.00060 kg/cubic centimeter, which provides technical support for increasing the weight of the package after the double twist. In the case of the same total package volume, after precise yarn combination, the double-twisting in the downstream can reduce the power consumption by about 15%.

3. Optional single spindle counting function.

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